UK Map of Over 100,000 Water Boreholes

Over at the British Geological Survey website I have discovered they have been very busy putting a wealth of information online for the likes of you and me to dig into. Of course, here at Waterseekers Water Well Drilling Company, we’re very interested in Water Boreholes; in fact we’re interested in any type of borehole drilled here in the UK. Currently, we’re doing a few projects in Birmingham and Northampton and there was a need to get more information for the clients, and this is how we came across the aforementioned public service.

So, to view a map of all installed water wells (I say all, but I don’t know for sure how accurate it is. Certainly, there are over 100,000 wells registered.), do as follows:

Go to the Geoindex page.
Click on the link that says Open the onshore Geoindex
This should take you to
In this new window, Click “Add Data”.
This should display a list

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